Reply To: Help With Eleven rack Guitar tone?
Try this site...if you haven't already seen it. I own an eleven rack and have gotten some pretty good tones out of it but I have a hard time loving it. I also own a Kemper and it's way better than an eleven rack but I still have a hard time loving the digital stuff. I love it for…
Reply To: Distortion question
Hey man, I just found this site that has bunch of presets for VOX amps. This should help you out. I finally got a nice clean sound after I adjusted the knobs the same way as one preset showed. There are bunch of rock,blues,metal... presets and I'm sure you will find one that you are looking for!
Reply To: Best music theory books?
If you have an iphone, you should automatically have the iBooks app. Search up the book called “Music Theory for Guitar”, the one with the acoustic guitar book cover/thumbnail is the one I’m talking about. It should be free (it was for me atleast) and alot of the information is easy to understand (along with video samples) There’s 87 pages…
Reply To: Harmonizing a guitar lead
Apparently Brian May usually harmonizes notes lower than his lead. But I googled it for you and found this website maybe that helps
Reply To: Amph settings
What amp are you using? There is a site that has bunch of settings for VOX amps Maybe there are similar sites to this one but I wouldn't know.
Reply To: Post stuff you want to learn
I would love to see more information/lessons on how to train your ear and something on Triads.
For mobile: I used an app called Ear Training by Musicopoulos. Really starts you from the ground up, makes it super simple. As far as theory/triads there an app called Tenuto that is just golden. Both of these are like 3…
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