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Yeah, I competed a little in Tae Kwon Do as a kid, did some karate as a teenager, and more recently practiced krav maga for a couple years. I'm also about to move to Lafayette, LA and am going to be training at Gladiator Academy which is where #3 ranked lightweight Dustin Poirier started and still trains with from time…
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What amp are you using? There is a site that has bunch of settings for VOX amps Maybe there are similar sites to this one but I wouldn't know.
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I have a Vox Valvetronix ad50VT and I like it. It has a bunch of presets and they sound pretty cool. It also has 11 effects i think. I was kinda frustrated with the amp because I couldn't get the type of distortion that I wanted, it always sounded muddy and I thought it was the amps problem but the…
Reply To: Need help with Ear Training
Try out It’s been awhile since I used, but last I checked, the site has exercises for ear training. You hear a chord and have to choose which type, or hear a note and relate it to tonic, or hear a scale and choose which type. I’m sure this could be a big help!
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YOU READ MY MIND. I got picks. My peavey amp that I bought to start myself out again. I recently upgrade to a spider V and I am in love with it. I love the peavey chug tone I get tho. Get good for rhythm parts and bass. No complaints on the peavey it was just…
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I would love to see more information/lessons on how to train your ear and something on Triads.
For mobile: I used an app called Ear Training by Musicopoulos. Really starts you from the ground up, makes it super simple. As far as theory/triads there an app called Tenuto that is just golden. Both of these are like 3…

How to practice the Beast and the Harlot Shred section

For Ben Newton and anyone else trying to play the Beast and the Harlot Solo, or any other solo for the matter. BE SURE TO NOTE & TRACK YOUR TREMOLO PICKING SPEED once you find it, it will increase by a lot at first then little bits every day after once you refine your technique. If you have any questions…
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Apparently Brian May usually harmonizes notes lower than his lead. But I googled it for you and found this website maybe that helps
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