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Really excited for two videos hopefully coming soon, but with that almost finished it's time I get back into the lessons and also the collab now!
Just got a solid hour and a halve of gypsy jazz practice in.

Now it's time to start learning Angels. I decided that besides analyzing the harmony I'll also make a tutorial for a section I like and for this one I choose PG's solo so gonna learn the whole song instead of just the riffs and harmony for a change.
I just wanted to follow up, amidst the madness out there, with my earlier post regarding P90s. This time, I wanted to recommend people give semi-hollow guitars a shout. I fell in love with them and now have 4. My Epiphone Riviera P93, which I mentioned before, has 3 P90's in it. Combine that with the airiness and woody tone of a semi-hollow, and you have magic. My 4 semi's can cover any musical ground I throw at them. Happy shredding folks! I sincerely hope everyone is safe and healthy out there.
3 songs have exactly the same number of votes so if you haven't voted yet could you please vote 😅
I’ve been gone from here for quite some time and will be for a bit more so i thought I’d explain. So 3 months ago I lost my chihuahua ginger and it’s still so hard without her and just recently a member of a band my dad manages suddenly passed away from cancer, it hit us pretty hard. Sadly my other dog link passed away about 4 days ago and I’m beyond lost, the house is so quiet with out dogs. I still throw treats on the floor but no ones there. I’ve been so excited to post videos on here but stuff keeps popping up. This is by far the worst year of my life, I’ve never cried so much.

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