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After all of these months i finally decided what song i'm gonna try to learn and that's danger line it's definitely one of my favorite songs from avenged but i know that it's gonna be a tough song to get down but i'm gonna try to do the best I can to perfect it🙏
I think that Syn are the best guitar player of the world. Few hours ago i find this school. So i be so much exited for the starting to make me a great guitar player.
From México..... regards to everyone and thans syn family for this oportunity.
Dominik Gräber wrote on Radu-Cristian Perde's profile.
Still waiting for your whole-a7x-discography-one-take-bass-cover to proof Johnny is worth a shit
:skull: HALLOWEEN HELP :skull:
(This is non guitar related but sorta music related)

So my band are doing a Halloween live stream on Facebook tonight and we've all to dress up. Only problem is that I don't have a costume or an idea for one...anyone got any wacky ideas of how I could dress up without going and buying a costume? 😂

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