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omg this guy today i went busking in my new city, i made like 6,50 minus 50 cent i put in the hat to start with.i'm really happy with it. i want to learn the lyre
and i need to learn how to make a scene
oh ya and i was listening to mr bungle all day first time hearing it last night, it's pretty crazy. I totally hear a lot of the influences
My current practice routine (Stretching hands between each section
5 minute- Hand Warm Up
15 minute- Any Alternate Picking Etude
15 minute- Any Tapping Etude
15 minute- any sweep picking etude
15 minute- Any Economy picking Etude
15 minute- any pentatonic shred etude
30 minute- scale shapes (Including harmonic minor, melodic minor, and diminished scale)
5 minutes (each)- every arpeggio shape
5 minutes (each)- different chords across the neck, essentially CAGED but using "jazz" chords for different voicings.

It's long but I think I'll be seeing some real progress soon. Should I post a video journal of my progress? I'd probably only do Alternate picking uploads though since it's what I struggle the most with since I hurt my wrist last November.
Well, I thought I was getting better at hammer on’s and pull offs.... until I tried them on acoustic.... 😑
I just got a new place to live, gotta go clean up more today and get it ready for moving. I'm happy because I'll be able to get my electric guitar soon. I'm curious how my sound is now on the electric, I spent the last 3 months or so only playing this no brand nylon string.....I'm hoping for Monday or Tuesday. I'll post 2 more videos later when I get back

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