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Without syn I'm nothing,because syn remake me,and big thanks to him and thank you guys
Just checked the poll and I'm starting to feel like when Input Avenged songs in the poll I may as well not do a poll and just do the Avenged song because they usually win anyway 😅

(I'm not actually going to do that but just saying)
Fuck I just realized that I have been doing economy picking unconsciously this entire time when I attemp to play fast........oh damn.
practicing to the song, trying to hold my fingers in and using a pick while playing, I think the main verse part
I just figured out a weak point I have. I've been trying to solo over Sweet Georgia Brown but couldn't get it right. I know the chords and I know how to solo over them. However, the chords go E7 for 4 measure, A7 for 4 measures, D7 for 4 measures, G6/9 for 3 measures and B7 for 1 measure. Basically I struggle with playing over chord progression a where it stays on 1 chord for that long. For example minor swing is 2 measure per chord so that's fine. Well, guess I got to practice that.

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