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Considering the shred-power on display here, this is surprisingly musical and enjoyable. LOVED IT!

Just here to brag about myself 🤓😒😂. Before this site, I was a halfway decent guitar player but was missing a lot of things and had next to no theory knowledge. Now, after being here a while and understanding things a little better, I can see and listen to guitar parts I once thought would be impossible to learn and pickup patterns, etc that I was never able to do before. Like right now, I’m looking at Jeff Loomis’ solo to Nevermore’s The River Dragon Has Come, which is ridiculously fast, but I was able to pick it up and recognize the arpeggios and patterns. Yay me!
I just watched @Aileé Guerra Aréizaga 's video on making videos. She shares a LOT of great info in there. Every time I watch one of her videos, though, I feel bad. She's always so meticulous - her hair, makeup, dress, lighting. Even her words are as if she's memorized a script. I look to make sure there isn't cheese dripping down my shirt and hit record. I have huge respect for the effort she puts in!
Damn ive been so inactive lately. been so busy i have barely had time to play, and what with lessons with Bill ive barely been on the site. Hope everyone is doing good!!
Nothing better than reaching the Zone after your first week of your apprenticeship and a restring on a friday afternoon. If it just wasn't 35 degrees here

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