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I finished the first CAGED system lessons. Super nice, it was something I've seen, but never understood really.
I knew most of the chords except the D version, so that's neat. Also I always thought the Minor Pentatonic was always the same pattern, I only knew the A minor version shape ( I think ) I'm going to go over the lessons a few more times every now and than, to try and memorize it more. I'm not so sure how to "embellish" chords yet, but I'll figure it out eventually. I didn't know there were jam tracks till the last lesson :/
Working on learning the solo to “The River Dragon Has Come” by Nevermore. Be a while before I’ve practiced enough to put up a video but making progress
Going to have to spend moar money :(
Pink is the new black
Any cool Beginner Acoustic riff to practice?

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