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Why i know this web now?? This is tottaly amazing.. Learn from the beast
Bill ended up giving us two badass singers that are so fucking good. And we're waiting to hear back from our first choice, who actually happens to be the singer of a band I like! I was like "WTF THIS GUY?!"
THEN, as the conversation went, Bill had to listen to the demo of the song and he goes, "Okay, I'm gonna give you a suggestion you didn't ask for but I'm doing it anyways." Needless to say, what he suggested was fucking GOLD. I told him, "I never really cared for Holly's melody here. I thought it needed to change more. But this fixed it!" He said "It's not her melody that needed to change, it's fine. It was your guitar part that needed to change."
The fucking song sounds INSANE now!!! I can't wait to record the new part!
See you guys at the live stream today!
Alright guys....

what songs have you been working on? My band is playing a show on Saturday. Two of the songs we are playing are Nightmare and Hail to The King mixed in with some originals!

Also... raise your hand if you have issues with your Floyd rose and/or you stray away from Floyd equipped guitars because of the maintenance associated with it! I’m thinking of posting a video here addressing that!
Ugh haven't played guitar in 2 weeks now because im renovating my studio... I miss it so much but the end result will at least be awesome
I can't mark the caged system lesson 33 complete

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