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I tried to cover the solo part from "Don't cry"
I'll be gone for the next week. Wife & I - vaxxed & loaded - are going to Turks & Caicos for an anniversary trip. We're leaving the kids (1st time in 9 years & only the 3rd time in 21 years together). I won't have cell coverage, & I don't know how the Wifi will be, but aside from posting pics n stuff, I don't expect to be on my phone much. I'm excited for this, because it feels like MY first vacation as an adult - my fellow olds know that vacation means constantly being aware of how much $$ you have, what's worth doing, what you can't afford, etc. Well, we're going to Beaches, which is all-inclusive. I won't have to think about it, which is FUCKING GLORIOUS & why it feels like a vacation for ME TOO! Stay safe play hard & be awesome, you ragtag box of awesome motherfuckers! See you Sunday!
Can't believe the news about Chris Conley. Although I'll admit his attitude is extreme I can kinda relate in trying to not be alone. This sounds a lot like mansons story. Makes you wonder how many more are gonna come out over the next few years. And which ones are real and which ones are money grabs.
Hi , I wanna share a youtube playlist i made , i hope you can use it for practice , btw sorry if my english sucks

Oh Yeah, I understand how to access the videos now

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