• Syn and Papa Gates stream coming soon!

    click here to learn more It's happening. Private stream May 5th 1:00 CDT.
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...BACK AGAIN... GUESS WHO'S BACK... TELL A FRIEND... Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back...... ITS OUR ONE AND ONLY QUEEN CAT OF THE SCHOOL, THE MOTHER OF DRAGONS, THE GUITARIST FOR UNKNOW, THE ONE AND ONLY.... @Jak Angelescu *THE CROWD GOES WILD* Okay, In all seriousness, our GLORIOUS Queen is back in action and is again an Admin on the school. We all know she took a break for various reasons, and I think I can speak for all of us when I say...
Hey everyone! There will be a Legends-only stream on May 5th with Syn and Papa Gates at 1PM CDT. :syn: :papa: We'll discuss some of the new website changes coming down the pipeline like the redesign and streaming, but most importantly, a live Q&A with Syn and Papa! I'll post in the private Legends forum about 2 weeks before asking for you to submit any questions you have early so we can prepare for the live stream. The invitation will also be in the private Legends forum a few days before...
Hey guys! @Alicia Willis is a new moderator at the school. You can go to her, @Jak Angelescu, me, @alexj & @Ed Seith if you need any help. As always, we value mutual respect around here, but I know you're all angels. 😉🖤 Congrats and welcome to the fam, Alicia!