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Lesson Comments

Adding The C Chord with New Strumming Patterns – Lesson 16

Syn’s Tips
This is as classic as it gets! Check out Skid Row’s, ”I Remember You” to hear how it’s applied to a brilliant song. They also add what are called “embellishments” to the chords by playing different notes in between the strumming. Embellishments are used to spice up your playing and you should definitely try moving your fingers around to try and create little melodies or “riffs” within the basic strumming patterns We will dig into this a little more later but it is crucial in developing a good musical ear to try and figure this stuff out on your own. This process is called “transcribing” which means to copy what you see or hear. Try transcribing the intro to the Skid Row song mentioned above..... you already know the chords;)
Tomas Vicente Ramos
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Tomas Vicente Ramos Awesome Lesson 😀
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SERJ ZOZULYA I's hard for me to change fingers between D and G
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Hybrid Picking Exercises 3 – Lesson 86

Syn’s Tips
Wow! A lot to work on here so I won’t add any bonus material but I would encourage you to take the time to apply the material to different backing tracks with different chords so that you can develop not just a lot of techniques, but a lot of musical EXPERIENCE with all of these techniques so when you show up to a studio gig, you’ve most likely played through whatever style of music that is presented to you.

What I want from you guys is to apply these techniques to different backing tracks and record yourself on video doing so, then upload them to the "Lesson Comments" section below so we can check you out! I’ll really be paying attention to creativity. I’d rather see what YOU can do, not just you “parroting” what others have done! Can’t wait!
Alex Li
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Alex Li I was struggling so much at the fill park of "Sidewinder", around 6:30 where it moves around 5,3 and first string. After familiar with this skill it becomes so much more playable. Thank you so much and I can finally show off this awesome solo 😛

Sweep Picking X

Syn’s Tips
Head to the Comments section below to discuss and share videos of yourselves applying this to different Scales and Chord Progressions. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!
Jessica Prieto
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Jessica Prieto Wowzers! I wanna play like you when I’m older.
Joel Salas
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Joel Salas just a comment passing through
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Fingerpicking Exercises 4 – Lesson 95

Syn’s Tips
You have a lot of work to do with our Fingerpicking series so I'll leave you with the basics.

Play to The Metronome and Backing Tracks

Work on Your Composition! Apply These Exercises as Well as Some of Your Own Fingerpicking Patterns to Unique Chord Voicings and Your Own Music.

Share With the Class!
Jason Evans
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Jason Evans Scanning through these exercises raised a question? How often is the pinkie used to fingerpick? Would it be worth practicing the technique with it as well as Pima?
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