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Alternate Picking Exercises 1 & 2 – Lesson 40

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In this lesson we go over two important alternate picking exercises that will help you sync your right hand to your left.

Syn's tips

This stuff is gonna start getting a little difficult so try your best to not get discouraged. Play to the metronome track provided in the “content” menu on the lesson player.

Apply this to your pentatonics as well and you can even use these excercises for arpeggios or “arps”. You just go up 3 notes in the arp then move to the second note in the arp and repeat.

Can anyone upload a video of themselves demonstrating these two exercises in different scales and arps? Explain thoroughly and show us slowly as well as fast so everyone at any level can digest this properly. Just upload your videos in the "Discussion Thread" and show us what ya got!
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Picking Techniques, Part 1
Alternate Picking Exercises 1 & 2 – Lesson 40
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