Alternate Picking Exercises 2 – Lesson 74

About Alternate Picking Exercises 2 – Lesson 74

Level: Advanced

Alternate Picking Exercises 2 – Lesson 74

In this lesson we give you exercises to improve your alternate picking and sync your right and left hands.

Syn’s Tips

These are great exercise that can be applied to all of the Modes in all keys. You should do this because it not only develops skilled hands or Dexterity, but also vastly increases your familiarity with all of your scales as well as the fretboard.

Practice this to the metronome and backing tracks provided in the “content” menu of the lesson player.

Please share with us your progress, insights, and any questions you may be having by uploading videos of yourself to the "Lesson Comments" section below!

Remember to HAVE FUN!!

Lesson Comments

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Ethan Migala
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Ethan Migala why would starting from a diffrent note in the scale help
Hachi Ramirez
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Hachi Ramirez I love this exercises!
Bilo Gates
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Bilo Gates This is really good stuff. However, what is the exact method for practicing these patterns? Should we use a metronome? Should we start & stop, change note values against the metronome, play continuously and just gradually increase speed, etc...? This is what's always missing with technique development lessons. It would be great to have Synyster or his father address this. I guess the question is this: "what is your exact procedure for practicing speed-picking patterns & exercises and developing speed & accuracy?"
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