Alternate Picking I

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Level: Syn's Etudes

Alternate Picking I

Syn’s Tips

Head to the Comments section below to discuss and share videos of yourselves applying this to different Scales and Chord Progressions. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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Gabriel Perez
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Gabriel Perez Something that has helped me get better at this is by using a method taught to me by my theatre teacher, just changed up a bit so that it works better here. Play with the metronome and start at 80 BPM, play quarter notes, then eighth notes, then sixteenth notes. The trick is to play three times because what I was taught is, "If you can do it three times in a row cleanly then you can do it perfectly the next times." And for sixteenth notes you play it through five times. Each time you get through it cleanly you move up 5 clicks. I don't know how much help this would be for some people but it's something that has helped me a ton in progressing pretty quickly
Fernando Romero
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Fernando Romero After spending some time on economy picking I just can't get rid of it and I'm barely able to do this at a normal speed :S
Annabelle Holling
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Annabelle Holling Wow syn I really envy you After watching you play I started to pick up my guitar and pretend that I was playing your solos because I had no one to teach me how to play the guitar but now that SGS has opened I have been coming here everyday to practice and I have been getting better everyday thank you so much for creating this website
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