Alternate Picking Overview – Lesson 73

About Alternate Picking Overview – Lesson 73

Level: Advanced

Alternate Picking Overview – Lesson 73

In this lesson we discuss alternate picking techniques and its importance to your playing.

Syn’s Tips

Really work on this stuff slowly and on one string at first until you develop some speed and it’s become comfortable. Then apply this to scales, exercises, etc. and then onto soloing to the backing tracks. Really focus on keeping the proper technique the whole time because it’s very easy to forget about technique in the middle of playing but that’s when you start grooving in bad habits which are so hard to undo.

Upload videos of yourself showing this stuff off! Let us know how you learned or are working on the material and what worked for you and what didn’t. Everybody learns differently so some bit’s of instruction work while others don’t, that’s why it’s important for everyone of all levels to get on the "Lesson Comments" section below and share their insight!

Lesson Comments

Hafiz Jumat
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Hafiz Jumat oh man there's a lot to do with alternate picking now..but yea..with ur helps and others..i'll try my best!
Brian Haner Sr.
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Brian Haner Sr. Just work on it at a slow tempo. It takes time to build speed. Keep working!
Will Carriker
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Will Carriker How do you go about alternate picking a pattern like your solo in Scream? I try a lot of motifs like that solo where its like a little arpeggio shape type thing but I can't seem to get my pick to nail the string(s) above just right. Is that just an economy picking type thing I should practice?
Yudhistira Pradana
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Yudhistira Pradana Yeah I was wondering the same thing, Syn also use that kind of picking in Afterlife solo. I think the Scream solo can also be done alternatively by sweeping if you realize it
Zé Marques
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Zé Marques For the scream solo, this guy teaches it pretty well
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