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Building More Complicated Chords – Lesson 49

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Lesson by: SynGates.com
In this lesson we show you how to construct more complicated “extended” chords.

Syn's tips

I utilize this SO much with Avenged Sevenfold. I’m constantly finding those unique chord shapes or chord ”voicings” and either strumming them or even “arpeggiating” them which means that the picking hand picks the notes individually, while the fingering hand holds all strings down simultaneously so that all the notes ring out over each other when picked.

A great example of arpeggiating chords is Stairway to Heaven by the legend Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. Notice how he moves his fingers up and down the frets to get these very unique voicings.

Experiment with unique voicings and arpeggiating the chords and then please share with us what you come up with by uploading a video of yourself to the "Discussion Thread"! We look forward to watching you!
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Building More Complicated Chords – Lesson 49
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