CAGED System Pentatonic Exercise – Lesson 33

About CAGED System Pentatonic Exercise – Lesson 33

Level: Beginner

CAGED System Pentatonic Exercise – Lesson 33

In this lesson we show you two Pentatonic exercises over four chord changes that cover the entire fretboard.

Syn’s Tips

It’s important to practice to a Metronome as I’ve illustrated before in previous lesson tips, to develop a good sense of time and feel.

Remember to skip positions as well , they don’t always have to be played in consecutive order. The exercise in this lesson is the best way to start off getting to know the positions, but you can always get creative and think outside the box after you’ve familiarized yourself with the lesson material!

Share with the class and upload videos of yourself dominating this stuff in the "Lesson Comments" section below!

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Lesson Comments

Clip Bone
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Clip Bone There is a small mistake showed in the tab, 5th measure(F major pentatonic scale) on the D string it should've been 5th and 3rd fret, not 5th and 2nd. Anyway, this is a very good way to practice, applying the theories and shapes, keep it going guys!
Louis Kahl
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Louis Kahl I was confused about that too but wasn't shure. Thanks now I am 🙂
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