CAGED System – The A Shape – Lesson 25

About CAGED System – The A Shape – Lesson 25

Level: Beginner

CAGED System – The A Shape – Lesson 25

In this lesson we tackle the “A shape” of the CAGED system; its correlating major chord, arpeggio, pentatonic & major scales.

Syn’s Tips

I really want to emphasize sliding in and out of different positions. You need to do this with your Arpeggios, Scales, Double Stops, and entire Chords. You also need to do this on every string and create little practice exercises that don't allow you to favor one string over the other. For example, you may want to play 4 notes in one position and then slide to another repeating this "sequence" over and over. Try the same thing after 2 notes and even 1 and 3 notes which will make you slide on different fingers than 2 and 4 notes. Then mix em up- 1 note and slide, then 2 notes and slide, then 4 and so on. The more you practice this in the beginning, the more effortless your "position shifts" will be.

I'd also like to refer to the changing of positions as "position shifts", because you don't necessarily have to slide in order to get to the next position, you can simply skip a note and place your finger into the far end of the next position without a slide. If that doesn't make sense now, it will in the next lesson and remember, you can always ask a friend in the "Lesson Comments" section below! Everyone in this community is here to help!

Lesson Comments

Jop Papen
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Jop Papen Just played some Sevenfold songs, left me with Drop D on my Floyd Rose. Makes it more difficult learning these shapes haha
Stathis Tsak
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Stathis Tsak At the very beginning of the video Papa Gates says, A shape 5th position... I understand the A shape, but what 5th positions means? Just that we move the A major by 5 frets? If so,why did he chose this particular positon and what does this have to do with the CAGED system or the C major pattern C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C ? Im getting confused
Daniel McKenzie
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Daniel McKenzie When he said 5th position he literally meant the 5th fret I believe He’s going through each “Shape” of the CAGED system but using the D “Chord”. Last lesson he showed how to make a D Chord using a C shape and now he’s showing us how to make a D Chord with the A shape nothing to do with the C major scale at the moment, just the C A G E F shapes. Hope this helps! 🙂
Brian Haner Sr.
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Brian Haner Sr. Thank you, Daniel. Spot on!
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