CAGED System – The C Shape – Lesson 24

About CAGED System – The C Shape – Lesson 24

Level: Beginner

CAGED System – The C Shape – Lesson 24

In this lesson we tackle the parent shape of the CAGED system; its correlating major chord, arpeggio, pentatonic & major scales.

Syn’s Tips

Hopefully now you are starting to see the endless array of possibilities there are with this simple concept. You really can spend a lifetime on this one particular idea and we are just getting started! All you can really do is enjoy the process because there really is no finish line. You will never be thrilled with every aspect of your playing nor is there enough time in a hundred lifetimes to master all of these concepts. It truly has to be a labor of love.

You can help yourself, however, by making your practice routines fun and exciting. For me, I used to spend more time playing to backing tracks than learning new concepts or "Music Theory". Don't get me wrong, I spent the time on theory especially when I was young but after 10-15 years of playing, I really enjoyed playing to backing tracks because it helped me with my feel/groove. Now I mix both pretty equally especially because I enjoy applying all of these concepts to songwriting. So I've definitely experimented with different "playing" to "studying" ratios and all of them were great... because I was having a great time!

Go to the "Lesson Comments" section below and share with each other some fun practice routines by uploading videos of yourselves demonstrating them.

Lesson Comments

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Christian J.S. Schulze Aguiar
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Christian J.S. Schulze Aguiar So...If I try to simplify. One shape, first position D chord, lets you use the Arpeggio notes, D major scale and pentatonic shape with the root on D?
Richard Sacco
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Richard Sacco I've dabbled in modes and what not and these scales are coming to mind. The direction this is going in is awesome!
Jak Angelescu
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Jak Angelescu I absolutely loved the demonstration about what you can do with arpeggios other than sweeping them or picking them. That was super cool sounding and really helpful.
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