CAGED System – The D Shape – Lesson 28

About CAGED System – The D Shape – Lesson 28

Level: Beginner

CAGED System – The D Shape – Lesson 28

In this lesson we tackle the “D shape” of the CAGED system; its correlating major chord, arpeggio, pentatonic & major scales.

Syn’s Tips

Congratulations you now know all five positions of The CAGED system!

Papa Gates offered some sage advice in this lesson regarding the connecting of the positions. You can start at any position and simply repeat the word CAGED when you want to go past position "D" and that is because CAGED spans the entire octave so the second "C" in CAGED would start an octave above the first "C". The same applies to all of the positions! Ask the community for help if this doesn't make sense to you!

Also remember my tips from the previous lesson about position "skipping" and the invaluable art of "phrasing"!

Lesson Comments

Matt Fairless
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Matt Fairless Can the chord you start with be a regular C: X32010 or for example E:022100 or does your first chord have to be moved up two frets? so if I started with E (022100) would the D be XX2454?
Brian Haner Sr.
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Brian Haner Sr. Not sure I understand the question. But the E shape links to the D shape. So your open E chord: 022100 (which also happens to be an E shape) would link to the next E chord (D shape): XX2454 which would then link to your next E chord (C shape): X76454. So we can move our "shape" to any fret on the fretboard. Whatever your root note is - is the name of the chord. So a C shape up 2 frets is a D chord. Up 3 frets, it's an Eb chord. Up 4 frets, it's an E chord.
Mason Lawrence
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Mason Lawrence say i am in the key of C and i just finished my D shape chord, since i am now at the 13th fret would I skip the C shape and go to A? I get lost once i get to fret 12.
Nathan Register
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Nathan Register Just spell caged after the d shape you go to the c shape, if the fret board was infinite it would just say caged over and over again.
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