CAGED System – The G Shape – Lesson 26

About CAGED System – The G Shape – Lesson 26

Level: Beginner

CAGED System – The G Shape – Lesson 26

In this lesson we tackle the “G shape” of the CAGED system; its correlating major chord, arpeggio, pentatonic & major scales.

Syn’s Tips

Papa Gates uses the term "Ornamentation" to describe "Embellishing" or spicing up the chords, double stops, and even soloing. Adding flare and excitement to your playing is essential in developing a style. It's a way to make your playing unique to you and it's almost as important as the notes or melodies you choose to construct your solos and chords with.

Would anyone like to upload a video of themselves playing using ornamentation or embellishment in the "Lesson Comments" section below? Try to be as original as possible or at least credit the artist if you're demonstrating a lick or riff of someone else's so we can explore that artist ourselves. We'd all love to see what you come up with!

Lesson Comments

Mateo A.
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Mateo A. Well I certainly tried 🙂 Other than that, I think that the greatest when it comes to ornamentation is Chris Cornell, in all of the Higher Truth album he makes chords as common as the G one we all know sound like a totally new thing, he makes it his own and stuffs. His songs Dead Wishes, Worried Moon, and Bend in the Road are pretty good examples of how he uses ornamentation in his chords. ps thanks for all these lesson's i have learned a lot in the past few days!
Shane Chaisson
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Shane Chaisson Chris's guitar work on that album is stellar.
Ashley Armstrong
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Ashley Armstrong This is great - all those songs and licks I've learnt over the last few years are suddenly all clicking. Even though every time I hear the Arpeggios "under the bridge" goes through my mind! Look it up, gives you a great idea for what to do with Arpeggios!!!
Brian Haner Sr.
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Brian Haner Sr. Great call, Ashley! Under the Bridge has some great guitar playing in it using this stuff!
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