Economy Picking – The 3-1-3 Pattern – Lesson 78

About Economy Picking – The 3-1-3 Pattern – Lesson 78

Level: Advanced

Economy Picking – The 3-1-3 Pattern – Lesson 78

In this lesson we show you the 3-1-3 pattern over a simple Pentatonic scale.

Syn’s Tips

I use the 3-1-3 for pentatonics all of the time! When you really delve into this technique, you will find an entire universe of tricks and licks that sound other worldly! And we will get there, be patient! Get the basics down for now!

Apply this to all of the other scales you know that are 3 notes per string. This is why I’ve learned as many scales as possible in that formula because it is extremely conducive to Eco picking.

Practice to a metronome and backing tracks and if you are having trouble, upload a video of the issue to the "Lesson Comments" section below so we can all help you figure this stuff out.

Don’t get frustrated, this will all come to you in time! It’s a process and one that should be enjoyed so take breaks when you need, and just jam to the backing tracks without worrying about anything, Just Play!

Lesson Comments

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Yeet Yee
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Yeet Yee I’m having trouble with the 5-8-10 stretch. Any tips?
Ids Schiere
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Ids Schiere I am wondering, How do you do all the different positions in this way because i really like to switch positions. I know pretty much all of them in regular pentatonic but how do I do that with 3-1-3 pattern?
Coda Calypso
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Coda Calypso If you are starting on the e string, then the first note you would normally play on the a string is played at a higher fret on the e string instead. Then the other note on the a string and straight to the d sting. Instead of two notes per string, it’s two notes and half of the next string.
G A Aravind
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G A Aravind Which is more preferable? Eco picking or alt picking?
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