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Level: Syn's Etudes

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Diego Santiago Marinho
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Diego Santiago Marinho Syn if you could read this, you are awesome! To me you are like a gate to awesomeness in life (got it?). Where I live (Brazil) things are complete shit, murder everyday, violence... and I am not in a good mood these days, but you, and Avenged Sevenfold means so much to me, I went to 2 concerts of a7x in Brazil, you are a dream to me! (Literally I’ve dreamed many times with meeting a7x lol). Good life with your new son!
Jordan Collins
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Jordan Collins Is this technique integrated into the solo from Paradigm? Specifically, the crazy run about 3/4 the way through the bridge. Thank you!!!
Nahuel Cacciatore
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Nahuel Cacciatore I don't understand the difference between economy picking and alternate picking, could you explain it please?
Ivan Boaretto
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Ivan Boaretto Economy picking is a combination between alternate picking and sweep picking, to save movements, you uses Alternate picking when they are notes on the same string and sweep picking to go up or down. Hope i help!
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