Extended Arpeggios 1 – Lesson 113

About Extended Arpeggios 1 – Lesson 113

Level: Advanced

Extended Arpeggios 1 – Lesson 113

In this lesson we dive into extended two octave arpeggios.

Syn’s Tips

These sound really great at high speeds so really spend time with the Metronome practicing proper technique at slow speeds to begin with. Play along to the backing tracks as well to really gain a familiarity with the "Quality" of theses arpeggios over different styles of music.

Remember to use these as Substitutions when applicable because they will color your chords more effectively and exotically.

Now share with the class! Head to the "Lesson Comments" section below to upload videos of you guys shredding this stuff for us to check out and learn from.

Lesson Comments

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Joshua Bataneant
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Joshua Bataneant This is one of the days I'm happy for abnormally large hands!! lol great lesson but tough stuff!!
Brian Haner Sr.
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Brian Haner Sr. I'm jealous!
Yes No