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Fingerpicking Exercises 3 – Lesson 94

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In this lesson we study more complex fingerpicking patterns.

Syn's tips

Any time you can break up the rhythm or use Syncopation, as Papa Gates does with the variation of Quarter Notes in the final examples, you bring a World of Depth to the music.

Syncopation is simply defined as an "Interruption of Rhythmic Flow". The premise of Syncopation is very basic as Virtually All Music is Syncopated. Almost, if not all melodies, are Syncopated. Drummers spend their lives developing independence in their limbs by working on Syncopation. We actually use it when we speak!

Imagine a world where everyone talked in a monotonous droning tone with no accents or emphasis. Where every word had the same amount of syllables, that'd be unbelievably boring right? Well Music To Me, is a Communication of Any and ALL Emotions! The more passion you convey, the deeper it will be received by the listener. So when you ask your parents if you can have a raise in allowance, or a later curfew, do you just walk in there and ask without any passion or reasoning behind your request? NO, you pull out all of the stops and all of the emotions and lay it on thick because in life, if you don't come across as passionate about things that you ARE passionate about, no one will buy into it.

The more you think about music as a sense of passionate communication, the much further ahead of the game you will be. Whether it's Strong Imagery or Emotion, you have to communicate that to not only the listener, but yourself. If you don't believe in your own story, nobody else will!

Now go discuss all of my ramblings amongst yourselves! Talk Syncopation! Discuss all types of emotion, not just sad and depresso, but EVERY range of emotion from Anger to Hilarity, Happiness to Madness, Laughing to Destroying, Crying to Trying! Make us feel something deeply with your art and then Share This With Us PLEASE!
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Introduction to Fingerpicking
Fingerpicking Exercises 3 – Lesson 94
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