How to Hold The Guitar Properly – Lesson 2

About How to Hold The Guitar Properly – Lesson 2

Level: Beginner

How to Hold The Guitar Properly – Lesson 2

In this lesson, we explain correct posture, the proper way to hold the guitar, as well as correct right and left hand placement.


Syn’s Tips

Starting at the very basics with proper technique will create a strong foundation that will support your playing instead of hindering it by using excess energy and muscle, decreasing mobility, dexterity, and even comfort.

Remember - EVERYTHING will seem wrong at first but I promise it will feel completely normal with perfect practice.

Head to the "Lesson Comments" section below and ask questions if you are having trouble. For all of you that have been holding a guitar for a few years, upload a video of you doing so!

Lesson Comments

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Kye Feher
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Kye Feher Ohhhhh man... Why does this feel so awkward? I have weird hands, large man palms, with short, fat fingers. And possibly terrible posture *shame face* All the things I think of while watching, I forget by the time I can get to my computer to post on here...
John Romano
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John Romano Thanks for the great content! Quick question (for anyone who knows, not just the Haners): what part of your fret-playing fingers is supposed to press down on the string? The more fleshy/padded part or the part closer to the nail?
Jackson Taylor
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Jackson Taylor I believe it's supposed to be the tip, so the part right before you get to the nail. Almost the top of your finger
Carol Seeds
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Carol Seeds This very helpful. I also have very small hands and have even noticed some difficulties, especially with barre first nemesis.
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