How To Hold The Pick – Lesson 4

About How To Hold The Pick – Lesson 4

Level: Beginner

How To Hold The Pick – Lesson 4

In this lesson, we show you the proper technique for holding the pick.

Let me just say that this is the way that MOST great guitar players, (including Syn), hold the pick. However – I held the pick “wrong” for 40 years and still managed to play guitar for a living. I started working on holding the pick the right way about 3 years ago, and when I do – I still play at about 70% of my ability. It’s a daily battle for me.
So I would say, if you are a beginner or intermediate – by all means – work on holding the pick this way.
If you are an advanced player and hold the pick differently – you’ll have to decide if it’s worth the effort and sacrifice.
I believe that the ends justify the means. However you can play great – do that.

I will add one last point – if you’re not confused enough already. And that is: A great deal of Syn’s sound, smoothness, tone, speed & fluidity is due to the fact that he holds the pick the way I show you in this video.

Syn’s Tips

I had to relearn this technique about 6 years ago when I started playing gypsy jazz because it required a lot more strength than electric guitar to create the loud volume the gypsy sound needs.

I found that this gripping of the pick provided the most solid foundation for all styles of music.

If you have any questions, ask them in the "Lesson Comments" section below so we can all help you!

Lesson Comments

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Daniel Watts
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Daniel Watts This has helped soo much, it’s an understatement how often we forget the basics
Dan Shipway
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Dan Shipway Damn is this useful! I have had to learn this again after many years as I fell into a habit of picking as minimal as possible and using legato/hammer ons and pull offs, can't wait to start learning it again!
Robert Knebeg
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Robert Knebeg Haha. Sorry to keep posting but flipping heck has this helped!!! I'm smashing rake/sweep picking too! It comes so much easier now. And pinch harmonics! I had to really try hard before, again now they easy as my thumb touching the string natural if I give it a bit more oomph. Will have to post a vid on your forum soon of me having some fun!!
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