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How To Tune Your Guitar – Lesson 3

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In this lesson, we explain how to tune your guitar to the standard A440 pitch.

Syn's tips

Unfortunately, this is an essential skill you must know in order to play the guitar. The guitar goes out of tune quite often and if you are spending a good amount of time practicing, you may need to tune your guitar a few times a day!

Can you guys upload some videos in the "Discussion Thread" demonstrating how you do this? I know everyone does this a little bit different so take the time to figure out the right way for you!

Also, since there are so many different types of guitars, can you guys upload videos demonstrating how to change the strings on yours? Another unfortunate side effect of the guitar is that the strings break every once in a while or just get rusty and unusable. Knowing how to change the strings is another essential skill to know if you play the guitar.
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How To Tune Your Guitar – Lesson 3
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