Hybrid Picking Exercises 1 – Lesson 84

About Hybrid Picking Exercises 1 – Lesson 84

Level: Advanced

Hybrid Picking Exercises 1 – Lesson 84

In this lesson we start you off with some simple Hybrid Picking exercises.

Syn’s Tips

A lot of these exercises sound great with the distortion cranked, you just don’t want to let each note ring out over the next, similar to when you sweep pick an arpeggio as opposed to strumming a chord.

Practice to the metronome and backing tracks to start applying this technique to musical situations as soon as you start to get a little bit comfortable with this stuff.

As always, share with us how these exercises work for you. Upload your videos in the "Lesson Comments" section below so we can all learn from one other!

Lesson Comments

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Ids Schiere
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Ids Schiere This is Awesome! I'm pretty new to hybrid picking so I'm gonna try to work in it for like 15 minutes every day the coming weeks, I also just realised that I actually have a part of a song I wrote which lends itself perfectly for hybrid picking!
Dylan Tower
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Dylan Tower Hey just a neat idea I had; what if you and syn took some of your best solos, be it from avenged or your work in the studio as a studio musician, and explain the theory and writing process that you used