Hybrid Picking Exercises 3 – Lesson 86

About Hybrid Picking Exercises 3 – Lesson 86

Level: Advanced

Hybrid Picking Exercises 3 – Lesson 86

In this lesson we work on more difficult Hybrid Picking exercises.

Syn’s Tips

Wow! A lot to work on here so I won’t add any bonus material but I would encourage you to take the time to apply the material to different backing tracks with different chords so that you can develop not just a lot of techniques, but a lot of musical EXPERIENCE with all of these techniques so when you show up to a studio gig, you’ve most likely played through whatever style of music that is presented to you.

What I want from you guys is to apply these techniques to different backing tracks and record yourself on video doing so, then upload them to the "Lesson Comments" section below so we can check you out! I’ll really be paying attention to creativity. I’d rather see what YOU can do, not just you “parroting” what others have done! Can’t wait!

Lesson Comments

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Fivos Kyprianou
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Fivos Kyprianou You guys could also add the pinky for the hybrid picking excercises.
Koltin Hendrix
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Koltin Hendrix https://youtu.be/ggVYI8gGHh0 This is what i’ve come up with after messing with it a little bit
Alex Li
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Alex Li I was struggling so much at the fill park of "Sidewinder", around 6:30 where it moves around 5,3 and first string. After familiar with this skill it becomes so much more playable. Thank you so much and I can finally show off this awesome solo 😛