Introduction to Crossover Picking – Lesson 38

About Introduction to Crossover Picking – Lesson 38

Level: Intermediate

Introduction to Crossover Picking – Lesson 38

In this video we explain inside and outside crossover picking.

Syn’s Tips

This technique is definitely a bit of a "tongue twister" but with a little practice you will get this down easily and it will pave the way for great picking technique down the road.

Practice very slowly at first until it becomes very smooth and comfortable, then you can increase speed.

One of the Most Common Bad Habits I see most guitar players of ALL levels succumb to, is practicing too fast. I can not emphasize enough that this is So Bad For Your Playing because it skips the small muscle development that is so important for good technique. When you play slow and smooth, every muscle fiber is grooving in the perfect way of playing that gets skipped at fast speeds. If this doesn't make sense, just try and take my word for it, it is much harder to undo bad habits down the line than it is to develop good ones in the beginning!

Show us your progress in the "Lesson Comments" section below. You can also just hang out there and ask questions or start discussions about the material. That's where you will get those "Eureka" moments when something makes perfect sense. Everybody learns differently and the more you expose yourself to different approaches of the same thing, the more you will find the best way to learn something!

Lesson Comments

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Hamza Irfan
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Hamza Irfan Very interesting
Pablo Medina
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Pablo Medina This is a great lesson, I only know about economy and alternate picking,so I learn a new technique today
Dan Shipway
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Dan Shipway This video has helped so much. Cheers guys!
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