Introduction to Pinch Harmonics – Lesson 47

About Introduction to Pinch Harmonics – Lesson 47

Level: Intermediate

Introduction to Pinch Harmonics – Lesson 47

In this lesson we teach you how to play “pinch harmonics” with precision and ease.

Syn’s Tips

The only part of the mechanics of this technique I have to add is this- right after you hit the string with the pick, you want the fleshy part of the thumb to follow right after. You have to time it just right otherwise you’ll just mute the note or it may just sound “clunky”.

This unfortunately is a very vague technique that takes a lot of experimenting with. It’s all about the timing and position of the pick and thumb.

Don’t Get Frustrated! You are now about to embark on some really interesting but difficult material but if it was easy, anyone would do it! Be proud of the work you put in and know that it gets easier to learn tough tasks the more you practice learning tough tasks ;)

As always, Help Your Fellow Brother and Sister Out! Upload videos of yourself demonstrating how it works for you. Also, if your struggling, upload a video of yourself to the "Lesson Comments" section below trying to play it so we can see exactly what your doing wrong. This helps us to identify the problem and better guide you to proper technique! Don’t Be Shy!

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