Introduction To Strumming & The Tik Tok Pattern – Lesson 11

About Introduction To Strumming & The Tik Tok Pattern – Lesson 11

Level: Beginner

Introduction To Strumming & The Tik Tok Pattern – Lesson 11

In this lesson, we’ll get you started with simple strumming patterns and introduce you to the “Tik Tok” motion.

Syn’s Tips

This is the foundation of Strumming. These basic patterns are fundamental in developing a great groove or Feel.

Share with us in the "Lesson Comments" section below some other Strumming patterns you have come up with or have learned from some of your favorite songs.

Lesson Comments

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Franzi Scholz
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Franzi Scholz Hello, I have a question. I'm a beginner and currently I use my father's guitar which is a concert guitar (I don't know if it's called like that in english). Now I'd like to buy a guitar for myself, I want an acoustic guitar. But I'm not sure which is the best one for strumming. I'm practicing by watching YouTube videos and I noticed the majority uses western guitars. Are those easier to play with a plectrum than concert guitars? Does anyone have an acoustic guitar and can tell me about their experience?
Julius Kouva
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Julius Kouva I'm not sure what you mean by concert guitar, but i'm assuming electric? In terms of strumming, it doesn't really matter what acoustic guitar you buy, as long as the guitar feels right for you. Acoustics have usually thicker necks than electric guitars, but not a huge difference on playing with a pick. I would recommend asking professionals in guitar store.
Brett McCollum
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Brett McCollum The muted strums started to sound like Pacman eating lol
Noah Rhodes
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Noah Rhodes Hello SGS community! Check out my response to Lesson 11:)
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