Introduction to Tapping – Lesson 45

About Introduction to Tapping – Lesson 45

Level: Intermediate

Introduction to Tapping – Lesson 45

In this lesson we go over basic finger-tapping techniques.

Syn’s Tips

Now we are getting into the crazy shit!

I know that there is quite a bit of information here especially for those of you new to tapping. Just go as slow as you can to play it perfectly to the metronome track and then start practicing to the backing tracks.

Papa Gates gives you a lot of tools in this lesson to create your own licks so experiment by moving your hands around the fretboard to create arpeggios that sound good to you.

Share your creativity with the class and upload your videos to the "Lesson Comments" section below! Keepin an eye on all you bad asses so step your game up!

Lesson Comments

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Kyle Panek
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Kyle Panek Great lesson! Appreciate all the work you guys are putting into the videos
Michael Kokoszka
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Michael Kokoszka Is it normal that the "tapped" notes have a lower volume then notes played with a plectrum?
Louis Kahl
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Louis Kahl What I love about your way you teach here at the sgs is how the lessons always alternate between technical and theoretical stuff. With that my motivation to get better is always strong because if I learn a new technique I feel like a better and faster player and if I then learn new theory I can apply those techniques to it and don't feel like a mindless only technical "shredder" but a wellknowing allround player on the instrument. And thats always very satisfying. I can not thank you enough!
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