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Introduction to The Blues Scale – Lesson 67

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In this lesson we introduce the Blues scale and explain how it differs from the Pentatonic scale and its application.

Syn's tips

A lot of great licks to grab in this one!

The great thing about the blues scale is that you can apply it to so many things.

-Obviously you can play it over minor chords and blues, but it sounds great over mixolydian situations where there is a dominant 7 tonal center as well.
-You can also play it over Ionian tonal centers but I’d test drive this first before you apply this in professional settings, most likely you’ll want to use this very sparingly, slipping in and back out to Ionian very quickly.
-Also for an Ionian tonal center, you can play the blues scale in the aeolian position to give it a slightly less bluesy sound than the blues scale played in the Ionian position.

Experiment with all of these applications and then show us what you come up with by uploading videos of yourselves to the "Discussion Thread" section below! Hopefully you can find some other applications as well and show us what ya got!
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The Blues
Introduction to The Blues Scale – Lesson 67
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