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Introduction to the Chromatic Scale – Lesson 71

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Lesson by: SynGates.com
In this lesson we explain the chromatic scale and its uses.

Syn's tips

I use a lot of “chromaticism” in my playing. It comes from my love of Jazz and Classical which use this scale all the time.

Try adding some small chromatic lines or licks to your playing at first. Most likely you’ll find that it should be used sparingly. I use the chromatic scale to apply a certain “animation” or “quirkiness” to my playing. The end of the solo I did for “Bat Country” has a lot of chromaticism in it to convey a sense of “spinning out of control” or “flying off the rails”. Another example where I use this is at the end of my solo for ”Beast and the Harlot”. This reminds me of being flushed down a toilet :)

It is important to be influenced by Imagery and Emotion. When I am composing any piece of music, I always try to paint an image in my head to compose to. It really helps to convey emotion when you have something very visual inspiring you. It may be a crazy rollercoaster ride you want the music to feel like, or maybe flying through the sky or fighting in a war. Whatever it is, it should be very real to you and inspiring.

Share with the class by uploading videos of yourselves to the "Lesson Comments" section below! We’d love to see what inspires you and how you are applying chromaticism to your playing. Don’t be shy, ask for help if you need it that’s what we are all here for!
The Chromatic & Diminished Scales
Introduction to the Chromatic Scale – Lesson 71
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