Introduction to the Diminished Scale – Lesson 72

About Introduction to the Diminished Scale – Lesson 72

Level: Intermediate

Introduction to the Diminished Scale – Lesson 72

In this lesson we give you an overview of the diminished scale and its applications.

The diminished scale plays over diminished chords as well as V chords.

The backing track is ii-V-i in C minor. (Dm7b5 – G7b9* – Cm)

*Note – To find the diminished scale that plays over the V chord – start on the note that is 1/2 step up.
In this case – an Ab diminished scale would be played over the G7b9.

Syn’s Tips

And now we are getting into some really fun Jazz theory!

The ii V i chord progression is as fundamental to Jazz as the I IV V progression, is to Blues.

Essentially what this progression’s purpose is, is to bring about as much tension possible by the end of the V chord, that you crave the resolution of the i chord. In order to really achieve this, we take the V chord and ”Alter” it by making it a dominant chord if it’s not already, as is the case with “minor” keys and then “altering” certain notes in the chord, most commonly the 9th and the 5th by diminishing(flat) or augmenting(sharp) them.

The diminished scale and arpeggio are great to play over the V chord bringing great tension to the music begging for resolution. We are now into some serious Jazz territory I love it!

I also use the diminished arp in so much of my metal playing so don’t be scared to experiment with all things diminished, in all things music!

Upload videos of yourself to the "Lesson Comments" section below showing us how you’re approaching the material or what you’re having trouble with so we can better help you figure it out!

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Ids Schiere
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Ids Schiere I am not seeing the backingtrack:( Is this one of the lessons where there is no backing track yet?
Vagelis Karagiannis
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Vagelis Karagiannis Cool song from my country in the diminished scale
Ekrem Taha Ünlü
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Ekrem Taha Ünlü This is amazing 🙂