Just For Fun – Six Magic Notes For Soloing – Lesson 10

About Just For Fun – Six Magic Notes For Soloing – Lesson 10

Level: Beginner

Just For Fun – Six Magic Notes For Soloing – Lesson 10

Six notes in a simple pattern that will get you started soloing.

Syn’s Tips

This is great ear training as well! Help each other find the tonal centers of some of your favorite songs so you can start jamming with em!

Share your jams by uploading your videos to the "Lesson Comments" section below. Can't wait to check em out!

Lesson Comments

Logen Lewis
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Logen Lewis I know you guys been mentioning a lot about ear, and training your ear. What would be some good tips to start with ear training ?
Brian Haner Sr.
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Brian Haner Sr. Well there is general ear training which will teach you intervals, etc. which we will get into in future videos - and then there is what I call "ear/guitar connection" which is being able to play what you hear without thinking about it. This is probably the pinnacle of improvisation - and very few ever achieve it completely. A good start is to play melodies to songs you know. Pick up your guitar and play the melody to "Happy Birthday". Now play the melody to "Star Wars". Now pick some other melodies you know and try to play them. Not very easy, huh? Most guitar players play patterns and licks. The tail wags the dog. Great guitar players play what they hear in their heads. Good luck!
George Liveris
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George Liveris I recently managed to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star's melody. I was just noodling around with my guitar and it kinda came to me. The melody does sound correct, but I don't vouch about the notes being the correct ones. I guess it comes down to the correct intervals rather than notes? Also, I love the work you've done so far. Can't wait to get schooled more 😀
Justin Dueitt
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Justin Dueitt Ive been olaying guitar for a few years now never really did lessons though and my one of my friends was really good at listening to a song by ear and then essentially just playing it he did it for alot of avenged sevenfolds songs and i wanted to ask will this help train my ear to be able to pick where the notes are or is reading tab usually the best option?
Kristopher Kachelein
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Kristopher Kachelein I would say that your ear is your best option in the long run by far, Like Brian mentioned in an earlier video, tabs have there uses, for me I use them too much. But if you can develop your ear to be independent in learning new songs, chords, runs, solos ECT. Then that will DEFFINATLY pay off more for you in the long run. I use the term "long run" very literally, as it is a slow but exciting process. I know when I learn by ear I feel more of a sense of "satisfaction". Hope this was helpful!
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