Just For Fun – Six Magic Notes For Soloing – Lesson 10

About Just For Fun – Six Magic Notes For Soloing – Lesson 10

Level: Beginner

Just For Fun – Six Magic Notes For Soloing – Lesson 10

Six notes in a simple pattern that will get you started soloing.

Syn’s Tips

This is great ear training as well! Help each other find the tonal centers of some of your favorite songs so you can start jamming with em!

Share your jams by uploading your videos to the "Lesson Comments" section below. Can't wait to check em out!

Lesson Comments

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Rituraj Phukan
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Rituraj Phukan You are the best teacher I have ever had Papa Gates!!! <3 <3 I m so lucky I found you guys doing this for us! <3 <3 You guys are my heroes and my motivation. Keep doing the good work! <3 <3
Julian Barton
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Julian Barton So in the example of the chord progression of G to Bb to C does that mean that any of those 18 notes between the three of them are within the magic notes?
David Crawshaw-Collins
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David Crawshaw-Collins I've been playing a few years now but never really had the facilities to learn all the basics (tried a couple of teachers but they turned out to be difficult a***holes that just talked down to me. From this video alone though, i have learned more that i have learned for anyone to date. Gave me such a good feeling just learning Solo A to call it. Already i can feel my technique improving. There is a long ways to go but i must say a thanks to Syn and Papa Gates for making all of this so accessible for anybody. You guys are gonna make a lot of amazing guitarists with this website. (If i was to become great, it would be a long long time, spend many many hours working so don't have time to pick up my guitar much. lol)
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