Learning The Fretboard – Lesson 42

About Learning The Fretboard – Lesson 42

Level: Intermediate

Learning The Fretboard – Lesson 42

In this lesson we show you a couple of exercises that will help you master the fretboard.

Syn’s Tips

These exercises are great to know for so many reasons. I’ll give you a couple then you guys can add some in the “comments” section on this page.

1) This will give you a head start in reading music. Guitar players are notorious for not being able to read music and if you are one of the few that can, more gigs will come your way and you will develop a reputation in the industry as someone who can read. This will get you REALLY far in your career!

2) Knowing your fretboard will allow you to find chords a lot faster. If the music calls for a C major chord, but the piano and bass player are covering the lower sounding notes or the lower “register”, you would want to accentuate the music by playing the chord on the higher pitched strings and knowing where a C note is located on the 3rd string to start your chord, is a very useful tool. The band will also really appreciate your ability to add dynamic to the song rather than only being able to play one type of chord.

Can anyone add to this? We would love to hear your tips and tricks for understanding and applying these concepts in the "Lesson Comments" section below!

Lesson Comments

Adam Lyons
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Adam Lyons Really useful lesson! Another way I learnt the fretboard was getting a complete understanding of the 6th and 5th string (from chugging all those power chords). From this you can apply where the rest of the notes are by finding the octave above from the 6th and 5th string (eventually moving to the 4th string which is only a slightly different shape, (1st string same notes as 6th string)). Seems a long winded way to do it but do it enough and you will be able to do it instantly. Pair it with the knowledge of the intervals between strings and it really helps to understand the fretboard.
Ross Donald
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Ross Donald Thank you for your hard work Papa and Syn. You guys are the best! Seriously, who makes a free guitar school? hahahahaha So badass!
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