Legato Exercises 1 – Lesson 88

About Legato Exercises 1 – Lesson 88

Level: Advanced

Legato Exercises 1 – Lesson 88

In this lesson we start you off with some simple legato exercises.

Syn’s Tips

A lot of very cool exercises here to develop your dexterity!

If you don’t remember the 24 permutations PG talked about, revisit ”The Alternate Picking Exercises 3 Lesson”. I wrote those out for you in my “Tips” section and I refuse to do it again;)

Apply these exercises to all of your Modes and licks when applicable and start off really slow! The difference for me with Legato is that it is much more difficult to play slow than fast because I believe that my left hand is so use to following my right picking hand that when you take away Captain Pick, my left hand fingers don’t know who to follow and begin to act with blatant disregard for any sense of groove or feel.

Share with the class some awesome videos of you in the "Lesson Comments" section below!

Lesson Comments

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Constantine Matviishyn
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Constantine Matviishyn I'm working on legato last over half year because I find this technique works to me so well, better that alternate picking. I discovered that after 10 years of playing. God. And you give kinda simple but really cool exercises here. I'm gonna learn and practice all the legato exercices on this site, because this is awesome. Thank you for your work.