Legato Exercises 3 – Lesson 90

About Legato Exercises 3 – Lesson 90

Level: Advanced

Legato Exercises 3 – Lesson 90

In this lesson we show you some advanced legato exercises.

Syn’s Tips

Very cool permutations here to get you well on your way to Holdsworthian virtuosity!

Practice these exercises to the metronome and backing tracks located in the “content” menu of the lesson player.

By now, learning these should feel a bit more comfortable as we have improved our ability to learn which is an extremely useful tool in and of itself. Try making these exercises as musical as possible. You should be mixing and matching the different permutations as well as the licks you have written on your own. If you haven’t done the latter already, START NOW as this is crucial in developing your ear, composition, and style!

Share with us your questions and comments in the "Lesson Comments" section below. There you can also upload videos of yourself not only playing the stuff you’re good at, but also the material you are having problems with so we can better identify how to help you solve them!

Lesson Comments

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Love these patterns, killer on the fingers!
Matthew Guerrero
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Matthew Guerrero Great legato lesson papa gates so awesome.