Melodic Minor Modes 5 & 6 – Lesson 105

About Melodic Minor Modes 5 & 6 – Lesson 105

Level: Advanced

Melodic Minor Modes 5 & 6 – Lesson 105

In this lesson we show you the 5th & 6th modes of the Melodic Minor Scale – their construction, applications and related chords.

The 5th mode is G Mixolydian b6. This scale plays over the V chord.
The backing track is ii-V-I in C major. (Dm7b5 – G7b13 – CMaj7)

The 6th mode is A Locrian Natural 2(9). This scale plays over the ii chord.
The backing track is ii-V-I in G Major. (Am7b5 – D7b13 – GMaj7)

Syn’s Tips

Again, fabulous job Papa Gates! A lot of cool applications for these two lesser known characters.

Oddly enough, I like the Locrian Natural 2 sound over the "ii" chord in Minor as well as Major. The Natural 9 in the "ii" chord, is the Major 3rd of the "I" chord as Papa Gates noted, so it makes you think that you are going to a Major "I" chord which is why that sounds best to most people, but the surprise of going a minor "i" chord can be very impactful. Note that "I" and "i" are both used as the Roman Numeral "One" and are pronounced as such but lower case denotes minor, and upper case, major.

If you do resolve back to a "I" major chord, try playing the Mixolydian b6 mode over the "I" chord. It's very unique and isn't recommended for most contexts but it will give you a deeper palette to paint from and should be experimented with nonetheless.

Mess around with these modes and progressions by first analyzing them, learning them in all positions, and finally, playing along to the backing tracks located in the "content" menu in the lesson player.

Share with the class. It's more important than ever as we start to explore these really advanced concepts and techniques and one 5 minute lesson with some rambling from yours truly is merely a jumping off point to get you studying intensely with each other to better understand and apply the material. So go be active in the "Lesson Comments" section below, we can't wait to check you out!

Lesson Comments

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Will Elliston
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Will Elliston Incredible!! Having this whole school at my disposal is so damn exciting and motivating. I'm just mind blown at the wealth of knowledge here. This must have truly taken so much time and energy to make. Can't thank you enough!
Brian Haner Sr.
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Brian Haner Sr. You're welcome, Will! Yeah, we started about 4 years ago on this. A labor of love for both of us. So happy you are learning!