More New Chords With Old Chords Am- Dm- E7 – Lesson 15

About More New Chords With Old Chords Am- Dm- E7 – Lesson 15

Level: Beginner

More New Chords With Old Chords Am- Dm- E7 – Lesson 15

In this lesson we add Dm & E7 with new strumming patterns.

Syn’s Tips

Practice to the backing track and listen to qualities of the individual chords as well as the chord progression and try to paint mental pictures to associate the music with.

This chord progression also sounds great played slowly as more of a dark ballad or slow song.

Head to the "Lesson Comments" section below and show us what you come up with.

Lesson Comments

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Héctor Borges
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Héctor Borges this progresion plus an F 7 chorsd sounds great on my classical guitar, i like it especially on E7- Dm-Am-F7 and so on!
RJ Crispino
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RJ Crispino Just a heads up the last measure doesn’t get played in the video.
Jack Jones
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Jack Jones I have only been playing just over a year and never bothered to learn chords but I have been missing out on a big part of playing, great video 🙂
Austin Crouch
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Austin Crouch I've been playing 8 1/2 years now and brushed this stuff off when i first started thinking I wouldn't need it playing metal (arrogant and ignorant 15 year old me) but after i started getting into and listening to some more technical and progressive types of music a few years ago I deeply regretted it and wanted to start back over with learning all the fundamentals but had no clue what to start because i didn't know what exactly I didn't know and so far this online school has been incredible!!!! Syn and Papa Gates have done an amazing thing with this school and I am excited to see this community grow more and more.