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Overview Of EDCAG – The Minor Version of The CAGED System – Lesson 34

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In this lesson we show how the CAGED system works in over minor chords, arpeggios & scales.

Syn's tips

Try strumming/playing these chords sequentially. Play to a metronome so that you change to the next chord in perfect time. Go as slow as you need to in order to play it perfectly before increasing the tempo or else you will develop very bad habits that take WAY longer to unlearn than good habits take TO learn.

Play along to the backing tracks and metronome provided in the “content” menu in the lesson player.

Remember, you can always ask for help in the "Discussion Thread" and visit peoples profile pages that are further along than you and if you already know this stuff but are here looking for a different perspective on this material, please share your knowledge with the rest of the community by answering questions and uploading videos in the “comments” section on the lesson pages.

Papa Gates and I are keeping an eye on our most helpful friends as well as the ones that put in the most effort and we sincerely look forward to helping you advance your career!
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The CAGED System & Minor Keys
Overview Of EDCAG – The Minor Version of The CAGED System – Lesson 34
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