Overview of Hybrid Picking – Lesson 83

About Overview of Hybrid Picking – Lesson 83

Level: Advanced

Overview of Hybrid Picking – Lesson 83

In this lesson we introduce you to hybrid picking and some practical applications.

Syn’s Tips

This is a very useful tool to have and a lot of hard rock and metal players sometimes overlook this one, I know I certainly did until much later in my life.

The cool thing about this technique is that it is SO versatile. It’s excellent for Metal, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Fusion, Country, and even Classical if you are using a pick(sometimes a classical piece of music may come into play in the middle of a song where you are primarily using a pick).

I’d love to know how you use this technique in your playing so please upload a video for us to check out in the "Lesson Comments" section below! Be Creative!

Lesson Comments

Syn Gates
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Syn Gates Excellent PG love it!
Brian Haner Sr.
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Brian Haner Sr. : )
Ids Schiere
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Ids Schiere Very nice! Hybrid picking always kinda blew my mind. For one of my band's song i have to skip from pick to fingers and back to pick during thet bridge maybe with the help of these exercises in can Just keep my pick in my hand (and perhaps finales try to learn clips of dover)😁
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