Overview of Legato Technique – Lesson 87

About Overview of Legato Technique – Lesson 87

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Overview of Legato Technique – Lesson 87

In this lesson we introduce you to the “Legato” technique which concentrates on the left hand.

Syn’s Tips

This is definitely a technique that I absolutely LOVE but got into much later on in my musical life. I feel like I’m still playing “catch up” with my Legato approach because of that fact. It’s not a very comfortable technique for me especially at slower speeds which you may find to be true for yourself, but I work diligently at it every day because as PG said, ”It Sounds Like Your’re Playing a Violin” and that’s an incredible dimension to add to your playing!

Two of my top 5 favorite guitar players use this technique predominantly in their playing, but unfortunately they are both no longer with us. There’s a silver lining however, and it is that they have left us with an unparalleled collection of work to enjoy and learn from for the rest of our lives!

Dimebag Darrell is hands down, The Greatest Heavy Metal Guitar Player of All Time. I believe this to be true so strongly, that it is literally the only case in music where the line between Fact and Opinion is severely blurred for me.

If you haven’t already, please dive head first into My Favorite Metal Band of All Time, a band that Dime also formed with his brother and dear friend of mine, the equally legendary Vinnie Paul on drums. This legendary band is called Pantera.

Allan Holdsworth would get the vote as The Greatest Legato Player of All Time by a landslide if you asked players of all ilk, including the legend, Eddie Van Halen who has himself said this of the Jazz Fusion legend.

This superhuman has innovated time and time again, with a perpetually innovative approach to his extensive Harmonic knowledge of scales, chords, and theory. His chord progressions are studied with great wonder just as much has his unrivaled Legato technique. This may take you a second to wrap your head around, but I suggest that you dip your toes in first with this one because I’d hate for you to be turned off by the complexity of the Harmonic Language this man speaks. Let’s start with a recording from the album, "None Too Soon”. This album comprises 9 incredible covers, one of which, is one of my favorite John Coltrane tunes called "Countdown".

Let’s jump on the "Lesson Comments" section below to discuss these two extraordinary gentlemen as well as others who may have influenced your Legato playing, or just simply ask questions so we can fill in the musical gaps we all have. Don’t be shy, none of us know everything, we can truly learn life changing ideas and concepts from even the most beginner players so make us all better and
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Lesson Comments

Zé Marques
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Zé Marques I have always found legato playing to be a "cheat" because you're not picking the notes and its easier to play faster. For example, there is an alternate picking run right before the beginning of the first verse of Metropolis part One (https://youtu.be/FsDjr4iJBiA?t=95) that i can only play in legato. So when should we opt for legato vs staccato?
Brian Haner Sr.
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Brian Haner Sr. Play what you can play and work on what you can't. Lots of players ONLY use legato. If you can make the sound you want come out of your guitar - it's not cheating. : )
Syn Gates
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Syn Gates They both sound completely different and I love them both and I promise you, Allan and Dime weren't cheating, their stuff is nearly impossible to play
Julian Barton
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Julian Barton I have found it hard at first to get those hammer on's and pull off's strong at first. Living in a town house I can't use a higher volume so I had to work on that. I think the best way to work on it is to use your 1st finger and pick the note then hammer and pull with your second finger then switch to third then to fourth and move back down. Try to only pick once and that will really help you get those down very fast.
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