Overview of the Circle of 5ths – Lesson 37

About Overview of the Circle of 5ths – Lesson 37

Level: Intermediate

Overview of the Circle of 5ths – Lesson 37

In this lesson we introduce you to the “Circle of Fifths” and explain its functions and importance.

Syn’s Tips

This is a lot to take in I know, but absorb as much of it as you can now. This overview will make a lot more sense when we explore what key pieces of music are in or what we call “Key Signatures”.

There is much more that we will get into later but for now, try and memorize this as much as you can to give you a solid learning foundation.

Do any of you have any tips or tricks for beginners to better understand the circle of fifths and fourths? If so, we’d love to check em out, just upload videos of yourselves showing us what ya got in the "Lesson Comments" section below!

Lesson Comments

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Mike Smith
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Mike Smith Great lesson! Always wanted to learn but never put time into it. Thanks!!
Triston Taylor
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Triston Taylor i played for a couple years without knowing any guitar theory. im getting to a point where theory is critical to get any better. i feel like a noob all over again
Myles Mahajan
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Myles Mahajan cycled through many lessons trying to understand this. this was the first video ive seen that actually broke it down. even paid lessons/berklee alumni dont explain it well. they explained it from a "oh yea youll eventually get it just copy me" mentality rather than a "im not sure you have music theory so lets just take it from the ground up" approach.
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