Overview of the Dominant 7 Arpeggio – Lesson 111

About Overview of the Dominant 7 Arpeggio – Lesson 111

Level: Advanced

Overview of the Dominant 7 Arpeggio – Lesson 111

In this lesson we cover different positions of the Dominant 7 arpeggio.

Syn’s Tips

These are great for Blues and Country as Papa Gates demonstrated. As you become more comfortable with all of the shapes try building upon PG's Country lick and start sliding in and around all of the different shapes to develop a very fluid and unrestricted feel to your playing.

Try applying all of your techniques you've acquired thus far and start listening to some Country players to start adding some energy and excitement to your playing. John 5, Johnny Hiland, Brent Mason, and Junior Brown are all killer Country players to name a few of my favorites. John 5 does an incredible job of applying traditional as well as progressive Country techniques to his fundamentally Metal style of playing. It may not sound as obvious in my playing as some of the aforementioned, but I've spent and continue to spend a great deal of time listening to this ingenious art form as I believe it to have a very energetic and spirited soul to it.

Share with each other in the "Lesson Comments" section below, some of your favorite Country artists and licks. Upload videos of yourself playing some cool stuff or even demonstrating issues you are having with the material so we can all help you! Have fun!

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