Overview of the Dominant 9 Arpeggio – Lesson 112

About Overview of the Dominant 9 Arpeggio – Lesson 112

Level: Advanced

Overview of the Dominant 9 Arpeggio – Lesson 112

In this lesson we cover different positions of the Dominant 9 arpeggio.

Syn’s Tips

As you may have noticed, this is strikingly similar to our Minor 6 Arpeggio as this is one of the Inversions. I love to play this Arpeggio all the time but I usually play it without the Root Note unless I choose to Resolve to there.

All of the Arpeggios you have learned in the last four lessons are essential to Gypsy Jazz as well and Gypsy Jazz is as essential to my playing as Rock music at this point because of all the similarities in Technique and even Harmony. You will see this more clearly with the addition of Whole Song Analysis where PG and I play through tunes and analyze exactly what we are playing and what we are playing over. This is coming soon.

For now, jam to the backing tracks and get familiar with all of the material so we can begin to apply it at full scale.

As always, hang out in the "Lesson Comments" section below to discuss and share with each other, I'll be there as well!

Lesson Comments

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Ids Schiere
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Ids Schiere I'm gonna study these so I can add them to my arsenal when I play gypsy jazz (I've really been doing add9 arpeggios up till now). You can play a D9 arpeggio over Am6 right?
Cody Chapman
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Cody Chapman "It's good for you, makes you hate."