Overview of the Electric Guitar – Lesson 1

About Overview of the Electric Guitar – Lesson 1

Level: Beginner

Overview of the Electric Guitar – Lesson 1

In this video, we explain how the electric guitar works as well as explaining each individual part and its function.

Syn’s Tips

Welcome everyone! We are really excited to hang out with you guys as we take this deep musical journey together. The main thing to focus on is that We Are All Here to Help Each Other! We need to spend equal amounts of time learning from one another in the Comments Section Above as we do alone when we are practicing.

Everyone Has Something to Contribute! I don't care if you've never picked up a guitar before, or you are the best player in the world, we should all Listen to Each Other because the one thing that I've found to be true, is that everyone has something to offer!

When I listen to beginners about their learning process, their discoveries, or their favorite bands, at the very least, I learn how to be a better teacher because everyone learns differently. Most of the time, they've discovered something unique that I can apply to my own playing even after all of these years. Even better is that I may benefit from all of that, PLUS, I may discover new music that changes my life for the better, foREVer!

So don't waste any time, head to the "Lesson Comments" section below, or the "Community Forums" and introduce yourselves! You can even upload videos of you playing or demonstrating issues you may be having with a particular lesson. I'm keeping an eye out for those of you who participate the most to reward and recruit for my army of trusted educators!
Help Wanted!

Last but not least, Help Each Other! Answer questions and make comments. We can all acquire multiple lifetimes worth of invaluable information in this glorious age of technology because we can all communicate with each other on a global scale! That My Friends, Is Priceless!

Lesson Comments

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Jaylen Owens
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Jaylen Owens i mean im not a bare beginner but i fill on this website im gonna watch from the bare beginning
Alex Martinez
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Alex Martinez Hi there, I'm Alex from Mexico. I've been playing for almost 12 years now, but honestly I don't feel like I really know the whole techniques I need to be a great player. So, I will do my best to continue practicing and studying. Hopefully, I can also help some of you and find new riffs or licks from you guys that I can work with for my study.
Alonso Yaniez
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Alonso Yaniez I'm agree with you I'm in the same situation. Soy de México también 🙂 saludos.
Jared Gourion
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Jared Gourion Hello everyone I’m jared and im a beginner here with my gender squire lol. I’m a big avenged sevenfold fan I do admit I discovered them while playing Nazi zombies but that’s beside the point. I knew from the first time I heard the sound this band has I knew that synister gates gave it that distinct honestly evilish reverse eagles sound. You are probably bombarded with lots of amazing fans and great guitarists and all that but if your reading this synister Gates I really like the direction the stage went talking about very big problems with our world today but also If you want to learn some life changing music study the doors and Robby Krieger. He was a great guitar player very underrated though because people like him i Hendricks were around but I’m telling you Robby inspired me to work for my first guitar and to try learning. It’s my dream to become the greatest guitarist the world has ever seen. I didn’t know you had this website but I just joined it and it looks amazing and it’s the exact thing I needed in my life. My favorite guitarist from my fav band is building a great idea of community and progress. But everyone else makes me pay for it. It almost puts tears in my eyes that you aren’t in it for the money. I mean that’s what the store is for though it’s a win win and I’ll buy stuff from there 🙂
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